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Aspen Black: Invisibility

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Aspen Black's cowgirl poetry CD, Invisibility.

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NEW TO HORSES?   I can help you create the fun, safety-minded experiences you want , even if you have little to no background with horses. My method works for both Western and English styles.

HAVE A HORSE but have become FRUSTRATED or FEARFUL?  I can show you how to turn your problems around and get back to enjoying horseback riding again!

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Empowered Riding

from award-winning cowgirl Aspen Black

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Each of us is special, with unique desires and talents.  The Empowered Riding method will not only teach you solid skills and common "horse sense", but the tools to look inside yourself to discover the unique blend of physical, mental, and emotional traits that make you who you are as a rider.  You will learn to apply the same methods to horses, resulting in the ability to find, and maintain, a harmonious human/equine partnership.

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Many recreational riders are self-taught, or have had lessons "here and there".  Sadly, this leaves riders with gaps in their foundation skills.  Gaps that can turn normal riding and handling issues into dangerous situations. The Empowered Riding method walks you through a series of proven exercises to build solid foundation skills that can be applied to any discipline of recreational riding.