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$40/hour - I come to your farm to work with you and your horse.

Thinking about buying a horse?  Don't buy until you read my book, Empowered Riding: The Guide for Recreational Horseback Riders, (unless you want to greatly increase your risk of going to the emergency room, suffering through years of fear and frustration, and spending time and money taking care of a horse, day after day, that you get little to no joy from anymore.)  Are these possibilities scaring you?  Well, they should, although it's not my intention to warn you off of horses.  In fact, I want the opposite for you - a fun, fulfilling experience in horse ownership that keeps you safely riding day after day, year after year. 


OOPS!  Did you already buy that "horse of your dreams" and now you're having problems? I can help.  Step 1: Stop wasting your time and money on methods that only marginally work for you.  Step 2: Invest $20 in "Empowered Riding : The Guide For Recreational Horseback Riders.  Step 3:  Follow the advice in the book and enjoy riding again.  It really is that simple.


Get Empowered to Win!

- Ages 3 - adult

- I coach you and your horse or pony as a team (must have your own horse/pony - I don't provide school horses)

- I travel to your farm or you trailer in to mine

- Choose to focus on one (or more) specific local-level horse show class(es) or event(s).  Currently available: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, skill games, speed games, Walk/ Walk-Trot/ GAYP, Showmanship, Obstacle and Trail, Hunter Under Saddle, Trail Racking / Gaited, Ranch Riding.

- Learn techniques to teach your horse a chosen event and improve your current skills to increase your chances of winning

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$30/hour at my farm, $40/hour at your farm

(I travel in VA to Franklin, Henry, Roanoke, Bedford, Boutetourt, Pittsylvania, and Patrick Counties only)


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buy empowered riding: the guide for recreational horseback riders today!

Empowered Riding


Total Recreational Horsemanship

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- Only $10 per rider, yearly.

-Year End Awards in each division

Log hours riding, grooming, training (ground & saddle), and in show event divisions.

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