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    Empowered Riding is about learning, growing, and building a partnership between you and horse(s) so that you have more of the great experiences you've always wanted together.   Traditional riding methods train riders for the show ring (or to ride a particular discipline as if you are going into the show ring).  However, in my over 20 years experience training riders and horses, I have found that there is a large group of people who just want to enjoy riding for the fun of it.  This is why I created the Empowered Riding program.  It is a Christian-based riding and horsemanship method that guides you through practical steps to reach your goals.

    I currently teach my method through private lessons and clinics.  The method builds upon your successes so that you can gain the confidence and skills you need to be safe and have fun.

    You will learn:
    • How to choose the right equine partner for your personality style and goals
    • How to build the necessary skills for good balance and communication
    • How to cut  the risks so that you are as safe as possible at all times
    • How to handle horses on the ground in all situations
    • How to trailer horses by yourself
    • How to feed, care for, and maintain the health of your horse
    • Fun things to do with your horse outside the scope of normal riding

    If you live in (and around) the Franklin County, VA area, look for the Empowered Riding segment on my upcoming TV show "The Cowgirl Show"  on Cable 12.  My methods are also outlined in my book, "Empowered Riding", which will be available for sale also in the spring of 2013.  Meanwhile, check out my other pages for more information on coaching (lessons), clinics, shows,  my music and cowgirl poetry, and our Christian band, "Empowered".

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    Buksbari Ranch/ Empowered Riding is a top Rocky Mount, VA horseback riding lessons instructor on NewHorse.com!
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