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Riding with an old saddle, is it dangerous ?

One of your friends just gave you a fine used saddle, or did you just find one at an edifying price on the internet, and you could not resist the urge to buy it? In any case, it is important to ask yourself if such a saddle is still functional. Is it not dangerous to ride an old saddle?

Old saddle: dangerous or not?

The answer will of course depend on whether your fine used saddles is in good condition or not. In the first case, you can rely on the tips below to restore it before reusing it. In the second case, it is strongly recommended to not use it again, at the risk of injuring yourself or hurting your horse. The saddle is indeed an equipment that must be chosen with great care. The performance of the rider and the comfort of the horse depend on it. You can however recover the parts still in good condition to assign them to other uses or sell them at a saddler. Use the money raised to buy the riding accessories you still miss.

Give a new look to an old saddle

To maintain a riding saddle that is no longer young, you should start by cleaning it with a special glycerine soap for saddle leather. You can buy one at a shop specializing in riding products. Clean the saddle on all sides. Be careful not to scratch the leather. To remove dirt from hard-to-reach corners, use a soft toothbrush. Then dry your saddle before applying saddle grease with a soft cloth. Avoid putting a layer too thick. Once the first layer has penetrated the leather, you can apply a second coat. Put more saddle balm under the stirrups. Your saddle should be stored in a cool place and away from moisture. Continue to nourish your saddle regularly to keep it in shape for as long as possible.